IotPet™ is the smallest and lightest GPS for Pets in the World!

Avoid finding yourself in this situation!

By IotPet™ you have  GPS Position of your Pets anywhere and any time, real time tracking and  review his/her historical track.

IotPet™ Internet Of Things For Pets

Real time tracking & Historical tracking

Bring your Pet with you, he/she will be happy and euphoric you never lose him/her!

My dog ran away!

If you let him at home, he/she will try to get away because he/she is in a new and unfamiliar environment, even if he/she is in a wonderful Pet-Hotel 5*

My puppy is in love!

When he/she is in mating period, he/she will race back to her/his beloved and not be able to call him/her back.

Where is my puppy?

Small dogs are hidden easily, because of their small size, and it will not be easy to locate them.

The Smallest in the World

IotPet™ GPS is the Smallest and Lightest GPS for Pets in the World! It's a coin size 40x28x16 mm and weights only 20g. IotPet™ GPS SE is even smaller, only 17,64 cm3! Effectively protects your pet from missing.

Activity Tracking

Would you like to view your pet's position on the APP map and find him/her position? Do you like to know which is the lowest activity day of your pet? You can choose the date and check historical track through our App (iOS&Android).

Triple positioning technology

You can rely on a triple protection technology (GPS+WIFI-LBS), watching your pets both indoor and outdoor all day. It works in many countries in the world.

Military level GPS Chip

With built-in military level GPS chip, the positioning accuracy can reach 5-10m without any environmental limitation.

Long Life Battery

Power saving Mode, Tracking Mode and Sleeping Mode. Historical track of pets or long stanby time? You can select the working mode as you like on the APP. The standby time is about 2 or 3 times longer than similar products.

Instant Tracking Function

By the IotPet™ APP on your Smartphone iOS&Android you can see your cat or dog position on the Map and find him/her immediately.

Easy to Use!

Download the IotPet™ App in your Smartphone, switch on IotPet™ GPS and that's it!

IotPet™ GPS works with iOS & Android smartphones and it is immediately ready. IotPet™ GPS is sold with its SIM CARD IotPet™ and (one) 1 month data subscription included (IotPet™ GPS - Smartphone). It works in many European countries.

After the first month of data transfer included (IotPet ™ - Smartphone) you can decide whether to change the SIM card and use another operator or continue with the SIM Card IotPet ™ and buy the traffic with the proposed options (1 month, 6 months, 12 months).

  • Operating temperature from -30° to +45°
  • Ultra-Low radiation, bring no harm to your pets
  • IotPet™ GPS has CE, ROHS, FCC and CCC certification

IotPet™ GPS, your Pet always with you and always trained.


Download the IotPet™ App

By the IotPet™ APP on your Smartphone iOS&Android you can see your cat or dog position on the Map and find him/her immediately.

The historical tracking will give you an idea of your Pet's habits.

It works with + iOS 7.0 and + Android 4.3, Smart Bluetooth

Real time tracking / Historical tracking

IotPet™ GPS, GPS Position of your Pets anywhere and any time, real time tracking, review the historical track, special safety zone, smart alarming notification, activity monitor, SIM Card IotPet™ included, can be used for all sizes dogs.

Record his/her activity

Geo-fence range can be set up by yourself, when your puppy is out of range, App will receive an alarm message. You will also have the Activity Monitor with multiple data statistics, steps, calories, excercise duration.

In the future IotPet™ GPS will give you Kcal together with the IotPet™ Ciotola.

Waterproof and dust resistance

IotPet™ GPS is IP65 waterproof and dust resistance; it is ok to walk in rainy/snowy days.

Ask your questions filling the form and we will give your all the information about IotPet™ GPS. IOTPET™ GPS will be available from Summer 2020. BOOK THEM NOW!


The FAQ section gives you all the answers but if you need more information please contact us by the form on-line, chat, call us at +39 049 295.67.57 or send a whatsapp message to number +39-327-11.11.848. Our Customer Service is available from 9:00 to 13:00 and from 14:30 to 18:30 (GMT+1) from Monday to Friday. To activate IotPet™ GPS or activate/suspend your IotPet™ SIM card please use the contact form. Thank-you.